Facilities Access

FOODBIOMES has modern laboratories that are well equipped for the study of the food, human and animal microbiome, the implementation of in vivo studies on animal models and the design, organisation and coordination of clinical studies in humans.

In order to enhance the innovation capacity of the agri-food sector and the knowledge and skills of researchers and professionals from the academic and business sectors, FOODBIOMES’s modern laboratories and equipment are offered as a service to the research and business community for research and development activities.



The first call for applications to use selected FOODBIOMES infrastructures is now open for a limited number of seats at no charge and will remain open until seats are filled. 

Users will be able to use the FOODBIOMES instruments and laboratories located in the Democritus University of Thrace, the Ionian University, the University of the Aegean or the University of Ioannina to perform experiments, conduct tests and analyses for training purposes and get to know the options FOODBIOMES has to offer its users

The infrastructures may be used for a specific scope and period depending on the infrastructure from 1 June to 30 July 2023 and from 1 September to 20 September 2023.

Candidate users must apply for the use of the infrastructure depending on their scope of interest.

Candidate users should be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of education and training to use the infrastructures and perform their proposed subject, the objectives of use should be consistent with the research and scientific scope of FOODBIOMES and implementation of the proposed research should be feasible

Requests will be evaluated by a special committee of FOODBIOMES after submission and candidate users will be informed within 10 working days whether their request has been approved or rejected

Browse through the list of activities below to see what you can perform at FOODBIOMES facilities as well as the infrastructures offered, and follow the links for more information on the workshops and instruments you can use and any restrictions that may apply.

Please submit your application here

FOODBIOMES is not obliged to justify its decision and there is no procedure for objecting to the results from the evaluation of the requests. FOODBIOMES may increase the number of users hosted, if appropriate.


What you can do at the FOODBIOMES facilities:

At the Democritus University of Thrace


At the University of the Aegean 

At the University of Ioannina 


At the Ionian University


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