The main purpose of FOODBIOMES RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE is to offer world class research, education and innovation services exploring the potential of microbiome applications in food systems. The services provided by the Research Infrastructure focus on developing innovative products and services, training researchers and business professionals, addressing technical problems and bottlenecks of the sector, promoting cooperation and value chains, knowledge transfer and on providing access to facilities for researchers and professionals of the agri-food sector in order to facilitate the development and implementation of projects of their interest.



Eligible users of the Research Infrastructure, according to the category of service provided are individuals, groups and institutions from the academic, business, industry and public sector without any restriction in relation to the country in which they are established. Individuals and groups may include researchers, doctoral candidates, technical staff and students involved in research as part of their studies. The Research Infrastructure and its Access Policy is opposed to any form of discrimination against natural persons (such as gender, colour, ethnic origin, religion, etc.).


Access Modes and Financing Models

In each call for the provision of services, the Research Infrastructure shall specify the access mode and financial model.

The access modes according to the category of service and user are a) excellence-related access, b)  market-related access and c) wide access.


Also, depending on the access mode, the user and the category of service, the Research Infrastructure shall define in each call or upon consultation with the prospective user one of the following financing models for access:

  • free access, at no cost to the user;
  • partial coverage of the costs by the user;
  • total coverage of the costs by the user;
  • profit for the Research Infrastructure;
  • purchase of rights of use,
  • joint rights of use for the user and infrastructure.


In cases where access is provided at a cost to the user or at a profit for the Research Infrastructure, the user shall be notified in advance regarding the charge.


Submission and Evaluation of an Application for Access

The basic principle underlying this Access Policy is the objective and impartial process of evaluating proposals for access to the Research Infrastructure, from the application phase by prospective users to the final provision of services, thus ensuring a fair distribution of available access units.


FOODBIOMES RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE accepts applications for access from applicants (stakeholders) at specified time periods or continuously, depending on the type of service. Calls for applications are posted on the website Each call shall specify the type and purpose of the service, the duration of access, the eligible users, the evaluation criteria according to the access mode that the Research Infrastructure intends to provide, the funding model and instructions on how to submit the application.


Where specified, the stakeholder may apply for access by sending an email or a letter, without the need for an open invitation from the Research Infrastructure. Access applications are reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Research Infrastructure in relation to the formal requirements for participation of the potential user, compatibility with the scope of the Research Infrastructure and the completeness of the applications. If the applications are acceptable in relation to the above, they shall be evaluated according to the specified criteria.


The criteria mainly concern the scientific value, innovation, technical feasibility and complementarity with the activities of the Research Infrastructure, as well as the added value it will bring to the Research Infrastructure. Particularly for training services to individuals, the evaluation criteria include the level of training, experience, publications, research interest of the applicant and the order of priority of the application.


After the evaluation of the application, the Research Infrastructure shall communicate the result of the decision to the applicant within a reasonable time. Depending on the type of service provided, a contract may be signed between the Research Infrastructure and the applicant, or the terms of access and use of the Research Infrastructure may be accepted.


User access applications by stakeholders and the results of the evaluation for access shall be handled in strict confidentiality by the Research Infrastructure.


Amendment of the Access Policy

The above Access Policy can be modified in order to extend access to users and make the best use of the Research Infrastructure services taking into account the purposes and objectives of the FOODBIOMES Research Infrastructure.