Research & Development Services

FOODBIOMES offers advanced R&D services valorising the knowledge gained from research conducted on the food, human and animal microbiome as well as on the beneficial properties of food microorganisms for humans, animals, the environment, the economy and society in general. The aim of the services is to enhance the innovation capacity of the Agri-food sector for the production of healthy, safe and sustainable food systems.

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Some of the services available
at FOODBIOMES are the following:


  • Isolation and identification of food microorganisms
  • Determination of food microbiome
  • Detection of bioactive molecules and metabolites
  • Genome sequencing
  • Study of the effects of the intestinal microbiome
  • In vitro testing of probiotic properties
  • In vivo testing of probiotic properties
  • Development of functional food
  • Conduct of preclinical and clinical nutrition studies

FOODBIOMES has the ability
to undertake or plan research
and development projects aimed at:


  • Enhancing the functional activity of traditional foods and producing new products with
    superior quality and functional characteristics
  • Documenting the authenticity of food
  • Improving traditional production and processing techniques
  • Generating new knowledge on the effects of new innovative ingredients on the human microbiome and health.

The scientists at FOODBIOMES welcome ideas, proposals for collaboration and requests for the design of new research and development projects of your interest.

The services are offered to researchers and professionals from the academic and/or business sector who can submit their requests or proposals by contacting FOODBIOMES at [email protected].