Access to the Ionian University

Development and analysis of oleogels (structured lipids)


Scope description:

The present activity relates to working professionals and researchers occupied within the general field of food science. The aim of the activity is to train and/or provide access to research equipment in order to allow users to develop fat-based food products with tailored physical and mechanical properties, simulating those of hydrogenated fats. 

Laboratory to which access is provided:

Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation, Ionian University. 

Laboratory equipment that will be available:

Fully equipped laboratory, including: freeze dryer, high speed digital homogenizer, ATR-FTIR, parallel plate rheometer, texture analyzer, laboratory refrigerators and freezers.

Methods that are used in the laboratory:

The Laboratory has established methods for the development of oleogels (structured lipids) and their subsequent characterization with respect to their physico-chemical properties as a function of process temperature and storage time.

Permitted time for access to the laboratory:

Access to the laboratory facilities and equipment is provided for 2 days per user (indicatively). 

Time period for access to the service:

1 June – 15 July 2023

Information – Clarifications:

The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation consists of experienced and specialized researchers and the appropriate analytical equipment to develop oleogels and characterize their physical and mechanical properties. Each user can select the starter material (oil, components of the oleogel system) and generate tailored oleogels under the supervision or guidance of our laboratory staff members. At the end of process, the user will receive the formulated oleogel together with the analysis results.

Each user can undertake one (1) protocol for oleogel development, combined with a comprehensive characterization of physical and mechanical properties.

Maximum number of users: one (1).