Access to the Ionian University

Determination of food physical and mechanical properties

Scope description:

The present activity concerns professionals and researchers occupied within the general field of food science. The aim of the activity is to train and/or provide access to research equipment that will allow the users to determine and analyze the physical and mechanical properties of several food products. 

Laboratory to which access is provided:

Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation, Ionian University. 

Laboratory equipment that will be available:

Parallel plate rheometer and texture analyzer 

Methods that are used in the laboratory:

The Laboratory has developed methods to measure the physical and mechanical properties of several food products including: spread products, fats and emulsions (butter, margarine), dairy products (yoghurt, cheese) and confectionery products (pudding, gel etc.)

Permitted time for access to the laboratory:

Access to the laboratory facilities and equipment is provided for 2 days per user (indicatively).

Time period for access to the service:

1 June – 15 July 2023

Information – Clarifications:

The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation consists of experienced and specialized researchers and all required equipment to determine the physical and mechanical properties of food products, including viscoelasticity, viscosity, tensile and compressive strength, hardness etc. Each user has the ability to choose the specific food product and analyze the designated properties following the guidance of our trained staff members. At the end of the analyses, the user will be able to process the obtained results with the assistance of the laboratory staff. 

Each user can perform analyses for one (1) food. 

Maximum number of users: two (2).